Determine Your Investment

There are two components of my pricing: (1) my fee and (2) travel fees. The good news is that most of my clients never pay a travel fee because of the way that I like to work with people. So here's what you do...



Determine the show fee. For most of my shows I charge $1,100 per day, which includes up to 5 showings of a program. You can usually split that fee with another campus if you want to share the day and we can even help you find someone with whom to share. So one of you gets one or two shows before lunch, and the other school gets one or two shows AFTER lunch. You each pay $550 for a total of $1,100. Easy. 

The Game Show is priced slightly higher ($1,500 per day) and has some other restrictions as well as some bonuses. Please call or email if you are interested in The Game Show.

NOTE on getting a $300 show: I frequently do evening programs for PTA nights, Family Night Events, Science Night, Math Night, Literacy Night, Book Fair Promotions, and so on. For these events I charge $300, but the caveat is that I have to be in the area during that day and/or the next day. Check the calendar to find out when I'll be in your area if something like this interests you, or just tack it on to the evening of a day when I'm visiting your campus. I also offer $300 shows during the summer to public libraries (second show back-to-back at the same location is an additional $150). I also offer $300 shows on the days of the STAAR tests for private schools, and some primary campuses that don't have to administer the state exam. This keeps me working at a time when I normally would not be able to be on a school campus. While these $300 bargains don't fit the circumstances of everyone out there, if you qualify it's a great deal for someone in the right place, and right time, and it's easy to add them on when you bring me in for a full-day presentation. 

Travel Fees

 Determine what the travel fee SHOULD be assessed (but probably won't be) by checking out the Travel Zone map (see link or visit page in "More..." tab), but then notice how easy it is to get it waived by helping us create a “tour” of the area. If I can keep busy doing presentations rather than driving that's better for everyone. So, even if I have to drive a long way to get to your part of Texas, I'm happy to waive travel fees if I can stay busy either along the way or once I get there. 97% of our clients never pay any travel expenses: not for mileage, not for hotels, not per diem, not meals; Zero.

And remember that we have a list of satisfied clients that spans more than 150 school districts in Texas and goes back to 2002, some of whom have hired us every single year and many that hire us more than once a year. We are more than happy to tap that list and see if we can't help create a tour for your area. Just let us know when you're interested. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Finding an open date is the NEXT step... 


 Once you know what you're going to be paying, it's pretty easy to get booked. My on-line schedule is kept very up-to-date. Just click the “Calendar” tab and find the date you want. Check to make sure it's available. While you're there, you might want to see if there are any times when I'm already scheduled to be in your area, as this makes for an easy way to avoid all travel fees.

Having my schedule posted online makes things much easier for both of us. You don't have to go back-and-forth as you and your principal juggle finding a date that works for the school and still happens to be open. Instead you can pull up my schedule online in the principal's office and compare it in real time with the school calendar without everyone having to do a bunch of “phone or email tag.” Once you decide on an available date, either call me (281-481-5439) or send me an email (julian (@) 

If you call, please be prepared to leave a detailed message including your phone number repeated slowly and twice. I present at schools and libraries nearly every day and am unable to also answer the phone. Most days I am forced to return calls after I finish speaking on a campus. Some times I'm actually in the office, though. And often my wife Andrea will be here to answer the phone. But if not, just be prepared to leave the information we need and one of us will get back to you within less than 24 hours in most cases.

Of course, you can also simply email the date you want, the show you want, your contact information and location of the show (e.g. school name & address).