Fun Motivational Programs for Public Libraries

SRC and so Much MORE!

Assembly program ideas for public library SRC events include the best funny magic puppet shows by central Texas author ventriloquist Julian Franklin from San Antonio


 We have programs for your young readers during the summer. It is literally the foundation of our business! SRC programming was how our business was formed,

Young Adult Programming

Please remember that it's not JUST for PK-5 kids. We also have several YA programs listed here. Sometimes it's hard to get the "tweens" participating in SRC. There are lots of competitors for their attention. We've got some great allures of our own, too!

We Can Serve You Year Round

In addition to SRC consider weekends, after school, and holidays including spring break & winter break!

YA: D&D Intro Game Session

YA and Tween SRC Summer Reading Club ideas include D&D RPG gaming sessions hosted by professional GM Julian Franklin, central Texas author.

 Julian has hosted Role Playing Games (RPGs) for groups as diverse as his daughter and her friends when they were as young as eight, all the way up to students and alumni of Rice University at their annual OwlCon gaming convention. He's written articles in gaming magazines specifically about introducing new players to RPGs and now he brings that level of expertise to your library.  Julian has created an adventure that introduces the players to many of the iconic D&D gaming experiences including: puzzle solving, combat, magic, and an assortment of mythical beasts, all designed to be played very quickly by players of all experience levels, even no experience at all. But be aware that "very quickly" in the world of D&D means at least 90-120 minutes!  

YA: Magic Workshop

Tween and YA SRC Summer Reading Club program ideas include magic workshop classes taught by professional San Antonio magician Julian Franklin

 Julian has been a full-time professional magician since 2002 and for over eight years he wrote a monthly column in the most widely distributed magic magazine in the world (The Linking Ring).  Julian teaches your YA patrons magic tricks; not silly little “kid tricks”, but the real magic of working pros. He teaches some of the same magic tricks he used in his experience as a professional close-up magician using simple cards, rubber bands, and other household objects. Each patron in attendance will receive all needed supplies and equipment such as cards, etc. that are theirs to keep. The tricks were selected for children between the ages of 11-18. Students younger than eight simply don't handle the concepts in this class as well, no matter how brilliant their parents tell you they are. 

PK-5: Fairy Tales, Fables, & Folklore

2020 SRC Fantasy Fairy Tales Folklore storytelling assembly program idea for children is a fun magic puppet show by central Texas author magician Julian Franklin

  While all of the shows listed on our website (see the section titled "Schools" on the main page) are available for your summer reading club, each year we write a show specifically geared toward the collaborative theme. This summer the theme is Fantasy & Fairy Tales.

The show is a bit of magical whimsy, lots of fantastical puppetry, and cartloads of comedy. And since all of our programs promote LMC resources and participation in the SRC, you simply can't go wrong! These shows are created and presented for children PK - 5th grade.  

YA: Escape From The Library!

San Antonio Texas author Julian Franklin can create an escape room in your library for YA and tweens for the best young adult teenage patron retention program

  This program turns your library into an "escape room." It is a literary based escape room, so all of the clues are based on, found in, or in some other way related to books in the library. However, we provide all the books needed for the program. The attendees will be divided into teams. There are initially six puzzles that have to be solved but as the game progresses, the solutions to the puzzle point to a NEW, previously undisclosed puzzle that now must be solved to complete the escape room. Julian has presented this at middle schools for groups as large as 200+ students at one time. No matter how many or how few patrons show up at this event, this program will keep them engaged and occupied for 45-90 minutes!  

YA: Teen Boss

San Antonio Texas author Julian Franklin can teach entrepreneurship and how to start a business building class for public library SRC YA and tween program ideas

 This workshop is an entrepreneurial workshop for teens and aims to help them to explore the benefits and challenges of owning their own businesses. Teen Boss Workshop teaches kids how to take their ideas and turn them into businesses and includes such topics as goal setting, business plans, pricing strategies, and marketing advice. Julian earned his BBA in 1991 from Sam Houston State University and has, throughout his life never had a time when he didn't own at least ONE small business, sometimes as many as four or five at a time. He frequently speaks on entrepreneural topics for adult business owners around the world.